Monday, 16 April 2012

Sing Sweet Songs of Conviction

The traveling art show begins...

April 19 from 19.00 
Anteprima/Sneak Peak, "Fliegen am Schaufenster"
Two live performances to be viewed from outside the 20 meter gallery window:
Alessia Armeni, "24-Hour Painting" and

April 20 from 20.00
Special performance by guest artist, Jennifer Hope Davy, "Onwards, Darkness" and DJ 
Soundscape by Loganic, "Sweet Sounds of Conmixion"

Schau Fenster-Schauraum für Kunst 
Lobeckstrasse 30 - 35
10969 Berlin / U-8 Moritzplatz, M29

Perennial Art curates the Berlin show, and Jennifer Hope Davy is the guest artist in Berlin.

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