Wednesday, 1 April 2009

a few pictures from the opening night...

... more to follow when I track down those people with cameras. I had the usual "i am sure i took more" feeling but in reality the wine took over and that was the end of that.
Anyway here's a few so you can get the idea... food. The mainstay of any good private view.
(well that and free booze which is just to the right out of shot!)

The visitors book.

The necessity of nofunctionality
(front and back)

i like the idea.
exhibition view.

negative birds.

Velocity. framed at last!

I had a few points where viewers could take part, create and add to the show. I thought it would be a nice way to document the exhibtion rather than just through photos. Here is what happened on the opening night...

These have been really cool to watch evolving and growing but the postcards have really blown me away. The wall is now pretty much covered with pictures and notes and little secrets. Thank you all to those that have taken the time to do them and, better yet, leave them to be part of the exhibition.

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Kevin said...

I liked the interactivity...

The visitors book and "i like the idea". The later is very, very dark...